every once in awhile…

Today began much as yesterday did…

Mostly because I forgot to turn the alarm feature off in my cell phone… ( stupid &^@%$#%@@% automatic stuff)


The cats tried to tell me that I was wrong and did not have to get up. Both of them piled onto my person to hold me down.

Did you know that cats can change their center of gravity at will? That, and with the 20 hook automatic velcro, they can occasionally be difficult to move…

Fortunately (read: luckily) I was smart enough to keep the comforter between me and them ~ when I stood up with the covers like a cape, they were both hanging from my back!

This is when I discovered it was 04:30 …


I do not think that there is enough coffee in the world to make me feel alert today.

I really need to slap myself ~ and learn that every once in awhile I need to listen to creatures that are a lot smarter than me.


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