Veterans Day, 2010

Today is Veterans Day ~ I am proud to say that many of my acquaintances and relatives are veterans of the armed forces, serving in all the branches of the military. Though I worry the most about the ones currently off doing what they must, I know that they are doing what they are asked to do… I miss them terribly, and send much good juju out on the hour every blessed day of the week. (I keep a list now… yes yes… I am getting old!)

Most of all ~ I love and respect the families that let these women and men go, I know it would be hard for me to do myself ~ I am incredibly selfish that way. So very many of our youngsters are giving up their lives for a cause that sometimes does not make a lot of sense to this girl … War is never a “sensible” thing ~ I hope and pray that some day soon I shall be able to shout my gratitude out in person!!!

God (and me by his proxy) BLESS you all.


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