What Thanksgiving is to me this year…

Today is the day where we as a nation are supposed to be thankful for things ~

Today is a day where I find it hard to be positive at all.

I miss my girls, (they are blessing someone else this holiday! GO THEM!!) I miss my dog, I miss having my Christmas stuff ready to put up after we are done eating the turkey dinner… Part of my family only gets breakfast today because the local food bank won’t help them … I feel so helpless about it, because I am stuck here with no way to buy gas to deliver food that I couldn’t buy anyways…

What has happened to this “land of plenty”??? I constantly wonder where and when things will go right again. I get so tired of trying to stay on top of things, only to slide ass first back into the shitpile at the bottom of the gorge that I had nothing to do with digging. I’m tired of no one caring, of being turned down for the “help” programs because the rules have changed to help those that don’t belong here.

I belong. I was born here. Odd how I suddenly relate quite strongly to the Native American race.

But! (there always is a but, eh?) I can honestly say that while everything is getting the royal flush, I count myself fortunate in the fact that I am not the one going hungry today. (thanks mom) I am grateful that I have raised kind, wonderful and caring children that endure the hardships without grumbling ~ that they care more for others than others care about them, because that is the way the world needs to work for everyone to get along. I rejoice that those same kids will one day run this world, and along with their peers, will make the universe a better place for everyone.

God Bless all that are hurting and they that do without ~ for you are not alone. I pray constantly that one day things will go right ~ and with the grace that was extended to you ~ that you will pass that grace on to others.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ~ and I Love you all.



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