Aziz, you are FIRED!

So… welcome to the first day of winter… the OFFICIAL first day of Winter.

Winter actually began here several weeks ago… several being sometime before the U.S Turkey Day…


Alas, I now have proof that I am getting old, for here it is ~ December 21st ~ and I am already quite tired of shoveling snow. I do not recall this happening so early in the season before ~ this begs the question…

Should I be scared to admit to being old, or should be scared because I AM old???

I crave the heat of warmer climes… hmmm…


Ah well, naught to be done.

heh… ~:-D

(**pokes the sun guy** AZIZ! LIGHT!!!)

It is beautiful outside the window here this morning ~

Tis a photograph ~ the tree trunks and branches of the hardwoods are dark in relief to the white of the snow, the softwoods are dark with a coat of white, all are drooping toward the ground under the weight of the blanket they sleep under.

Beautiful and cold.

And the soddy snowbanks are getting to tall to easily throw a shovel of snow over.

It is not fair! **whine**

**Pokes the sun guy again**

Aziz? Are you awake???



I am beginning to develop a strong affinity to bears…


Aziz, you are FIRED.

I want Bruce Willis instead.


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