Fitting in perfectly…

Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever settle down again, and have a “mate” ~ so far I have not found a man who could EVEN put up with understand the dynamics of my family (Tk’s 1-3) let alone the workings of my particular mind… or should I say ~ peculiar mind?

Seriously ~ there is not a single guy that I have dated in the past ten years that can quite tolerate wrap his head around my eccentricities…

It is not so with my animals ~ I do not go looking for my animals, they always seem to find me. (maybe I should do the same with my men???)

Little Cat was well on her way to dead when she wobbled up the dirt bank into my path.

Old Dog came running down the walk way at the animal shelter, landing directly on my lap when I bent down to say hello ~ she, yanking her leash from the volunteer that was walking her at the time.

As with them all, so it is with Miss Sassy Blue ~ She was on Craigslist and when I called, she was waaaay too expensive.

I paid my storage bill instead of buying the puppy.

36-48 hours later, the lady selling (rehoming) my girl called and said I could HAVE her if I wanted, her exact words were “I want to bless you this Christmas” O.o!!!

so… I made a snap decision, and here we are.

I must say she fits in perfectly…

She farted the entire 170 miles home from Spokane.


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  1. Carol says:

    How adorable!

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