Up and Moving

I have a puppy.

yes, I know you know this… allow me this moment to pretend that I have a normal life…


Okay, moment over.


Little Cat has been bit possessive this week, following me about a lot ~ I think she has figured out that the dog is here to stay ~ that this awful thing that sleeps wherever it lands, wakes up and has unbounded energy, then lays down and falls asleep again ~ is now a part of the family.

So ~ yesterday, the Little Cat finally bowed to the inevitable, lowering herself to engage the intruder pooch into some sort of play. She was not certain of what form it would take, the dog is bigger than her (always has been) with a WHOLE lot of nearly manic energy.

With me acting as referee, they settled on this odd game of buttslap and chase… The cat would sneak up on the dog, slap her a few times across the butt, then run like crazy, dog in hot pursuit.

This happened a lot, the dog figured it out pretty quick and allowed the cat the privilege of the slap before turning to give chase ~ with me to keep the dog off the top of things, (thereby setting boundaries for later actions… I hope) the cat wore the dog out.

After our afternoon trip to feed the horses, the two critters had one more session of buttslap and chase… and somewheres around 7 p.m. the dog fell soundly asleep ~ only waking up to ask to go outdoors.

I was totally loving it ~ I was in bed and asleep by 8 p.m last night.

All is well and good in my world.

At four O’clock this morning, my delusion came abruptly to an end.

Said puppy was awake and raring to go ~ and made sure WE were all up and moving too.

Now? She is crashed on her blanket here at my feet…

I think it would behoove me to emulate her and take a nap… I am SO going to need it.


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