Ever since Miss Sassy Blue came to live with us, any daily sense of “schedule” has gone away. There is no rhyme or reason to anything I do any longer… things just get done when they get done ~ it throws everyone and everything off ~ even the horses have to deal with it.

So this morning ~ I get up, build my coffee, then proceed to drink the whole pot before I even get dressed. I got hooked in the news for some weird reason (I plead insanity) and could not move my butt to save myself.

When I finally hit the repeat place on the news, I managed some oatmeal, and the dog had her crunchies…

I decide that I am going to take a shower to wake up ~ good idea, right?



Like all smart people, I keep the shower curtain closed help prevent mold from growing on the inside of the curtain ~ this being so, I simply reach into the shower without bothering to open the curtain all the way ~ (I mean seriously… why would I open it just to have to close it really fast to keep the water from going everywhere?)

Going into the bathroom, I turn on the light, crank the heater up, reach past the end of the curtain, flip on the faucet, and pull up the little lever dealie to divert the water ~ making a LOT of noise while doing so…

Right as the water starts, the shower morphs into a geyser spawn from hell.

Spitting, screaming, thrashing ~ whirling, ripping, tearing, the shriek was enough to curdle the blood of the staunchest priest.

An eternity later (okay, maybe three seconds passed) the now exorcised demon goes full tilt out the bathroom door.

All four pounds of sopping wet demon cat.

Oops. ~:-)

Following the trail of holy water I found Little Cat ~ and promptly offered her the spider she’d been after…

For some odd reason, she turned it down.

I am surmising that dead, flat spiders offered on a platter of soggy paper towels are just not as good as those done sushi style.


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