Wide awake AND bored…

Things go apace.

Today it is indoors only, for the rain is insane and nasty, and never ending…

**sigh** I do love the rain , but not so much in the winter, when it SHOULD BE SNOWING!!! (is anyone out there listening???? hellooooooooooo… God???)

guess the world just needs a shower, eh?

Even the cat is bored ~ enough so that she is (sort of) playing with the dog.

I shall now fall over dead.


Okay, so I lied… I am not dead, just surprised.

I would NEVER lie.


*sigh* good thing lightning does not strike EVERY time a person tells a little white lie.

Can you imagine if it did? there would be a whole lot less people in the world.

Fewer lawyers, politicians, thieves, anchormen, reporters, and professional witnesses… not to mention everyday humans like…
er… Me?


oh man, I am beyond bored…


I guess I should go get some more coffee… then I will be wide awake and bored…


yeah, not a good idea.


just GO.

okay, fine. I am going.

Yes, I know this post is not funny, nor is it important, nor is it even close to what you would get if I wrote about how bad the puppy’s farts smell, or how funny it is that she can’t figure out where her feet are all the time, or how she now does the traveling poop…

and the goofy thing wets the bed.

Seriously. She is so sound asleep that she will pee her bed.


I’m going to wear out the washing machine at the rate I am going.

So… off to do… something.

go buy coffee?

yes. I think I shall.

coffee. always a good thing to do.

Especially if one is b.o.r.e.d.


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