It is the middle of January… or pretty close anyways. The exact middle is hard to determine without thinking, and as I have only had ONE cup of coffee this morning, I shall NOT be doing much (read: ANY) thinking.

Hey… YOU try to think before you are awake.


Are you done yet?


**waits again**

**goes and gets coffee**

(yes, I really did)

Okay, never mind. I understand… totally. Thinking is so very highly overrated, is it not? Especially on a Saturday morning!


ugh. Where was I?

AH yes!!! The middle of January…

Things never go easily it seems ~ just when I think I have things wired, a monkey gets in the works, wrenching everything. With typical governmental screwy-ness, I am no longer getting as much in assistance as I was supposed to ~ so the apartment is still on, but I will not have enough money to move me and my things up there.

I either need a place to live for free that is big enough for me, ash and our things, or I need enough to pay for a storage for the amount of time that it would take me to sort it all through.

The latter is what was wanted, the former won’t happen due to …well… nothing is free, right?


So… onward with the plan. While I hate the ups and downs this is making me do, I will do it anyways.

I have to for my sanity, ya know?

Having all this weird stuff happen should really piss me off, but all it does is make me … what? I am not angry, I am just ~ more determined.

yes. determined.

I will do this. I don’t care if there are those that doubt, and those that want me to not move because of their own selfish reasons…I shall do this, even if it means dumping my “stuff” on the street.

See if I won’t doubters… just see if I won’t.




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