Rain, Day 3

It can’t get any worse outside ~ not really anyways. The poor horses are out in this, all I can do is up their feed and hope they don’t get sick.

I’m not worried about Bubba ~ but the mares and the foals? Very much so.

I have only three days before Angel goes to the west side, and hopefully that few for Callie and her little one too. Found someone that wants her (yes, again) and now am waiting for them to come up with a way to come get them.

The hay runs out on Tuesday.


Still happy that I get to begin to move this week ~ totally stoked for that. No idea how it is going to be accomplished, but I am still stoked nonetheless.

Gassy Sassy is sleeping finally ~ she has been on the go all day. I am not sure how to keep her full ~ she is a picky eater.

She is also beginning to tell me when she has to go out… if I don’t see her by the door, she comes and gets me.

go SASSY!!


And so it is on Rain Day #3 ~



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