where’s suuuuuuusie?

You know, Susie isn’t sure where Susie is anymore.

Seriously. I want you to imagine … or (in my case) remember what it is like to not have a smart phone or perhaps ~


not even have a cell phone. Or… even weirder… no phone at ALL.

I want you to imagine (or…yes.. REMEMBER) the time before Ipads, net books, lap tops, desk top computers, internet connections, the WW web or even ELECTRIC typewriters.

I want you to imagine (yes, even I can’t remember this very well) the time before LCD, flat screen, home theater, DVDs, Blu Ray, VHS/BETA tapes and TELEVISION… you know… the kind with ONE channel that looked like you were watching a polar bear eat vanilla ice cream in a snowstorm? The one that came off the repeater at the top of Mt. Everest (or somewhere else in Nepal, I swear!!) and had to be unburied on a regular basis by snowmobilers with shovels and industrial size thermos’ full of coffee… FREEZE DRIED coffee no less???? And they put MILK in the COFFEE????!!!!!

For if you can do all this… any of this at all, you now totally can understand the world I have been in.

For two weeks, Me and AshKat survived on very little in the way of electronical entertainments. We are talking Gilligans Wheatfields here… no televsion. No radio stations. Dodgy or non exsistant cell phone service… NO phone service at all, because I don’t even OWN a wall type phone anymore…!!!!!

I tell you what… !!!

The past two weeks have been the quietest in my life since the advent of motherhood ~ nearly 28 years ago.

While it has been an odd thing, I have actually enjoyed it.

Honestly, I have. In that short amount of time, I have remembered how to write using pen and paper. I have remembered how to read a book without staying up all night to finish it.

I relearned how to walk to the post office/grocery/hardware store. And how to walk on a road with no sidewalks again… how to sit on my itty bitty porch and visit with my neighbors while my dog poops on the lawn in front of god an’ ever’body and laugh at her while she does it.

Best of all, I have relearned to cook… well, sort of anyways ~ but this is mostly because I am an indifferent cook to begin with.

(No wonder my girls like to cook, eh? BUT!!! That is another story altogether!)

Only downside…


There hasn’t BEEN any downside.

So… there you have it. Susie has found herself out in the middle of the wheatfields on the Waterville Plateau.

Susie wonders what else she will find…


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