so, here I am ~ in good old Leavenworth.

It is weird, for I find I no longer feel at home here.

I feel the stranger, the odd person out, the malcontent that does not belong…

I wish I were a dog, because then home would be wherever I was at the time with my master… which is me, so then I’d feel at home where ever I was at the moment…

M’kay~ and never mind, I am confusing.

Me and the Sassy Blue have come to visit, and bring things from one place to the other ~ things to junk, things to put in the yard sale, things let my mom do with what she will (sorry Sally~I really am contrite) and just generally look over the stuff that I have left here…

The pile of things left to sort here at the house is actually quite daunting. Most of it is papers that I have left to long undone ~ I make myself crazy with my inability to get to the paperwork that inhibits/inhabits my life….

**sigh** I AM the Queen of Procrastination.


On the upside, pretty much everything can be recycled in someway, making it much easier to get through the mess. I do love recycling!

It has been a very long while since I have put anything up on this, I do not have handy access to my computer ~ it is ancient of days too, and more than a few parts do not work so well any more. Tomorrow I am loading the thing into my little red beater of a car and taking it with me to the BCoNW ~ I am takin’ her home.

No idea where I will put the thing, my itty bitty apartment is just so… SMALL. I need the thing to write on though, and will put the posts on a jump drive to post from … uh… someplace!

~:-) I begin to lose myself when I do not sit and put my thoughts on paper, and this extension of paper will be of benefit to … someone. (anyone? Bueller? Is this thing ON???)

Perhaps I will be able to afford internet again some day, eh?

love and hugs to all in my life ~ I miss you much, and love you more than I will ever be able to put into words.

~:-* mwah!!

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