Other Peoples Schedules

‘Tis bright and early on the last Wednesday in June of the year of two thousand eleven. Okay, so it is NOT bright and early for most of the population, but it is for me. Still trying to switch my body clock to the later hours, with absolutely NO success so far…I blame the dog for it, because her schedule is cast in doodoo and she is NOT afraid to make sure we follow it!


I am having one of “those” mornings where I feel every moment of my chronological age, with a few extra years thrown in on certain parts. Bad knees, bad shoulder, bad wrists, bad lower back, hip, ankle …

I have to face it. My warranty is well used. Skiing, horses, kids, and other things humans are not meant to endure have taken their toll.

~:-) (heh)

Middle daughter (T2k) just blew through on her way to work ~ “hey! where are your car keys? love you, bye!” ~ and then the roar of her truck backing out of the driveway were pretty much all I heard.

It seems I hear that a lot now, and I imagine I will for awhile longer. Does not really bother me, and it is quickly becoming part of my adjustment into my being ME. Oddly though, to focus on what I am doing, and getting stuff done that I want/need/must do without being tied to anyone elses’ schedule can be heady stuff ~ I have to REALLY concentrate on keeping myself steady and not bite off more than I can do. Pace myself so to speak ~ Like… I have ALL this STUFF I want to do, and I want to do it NOOOOOOW. (!!!!!)

**slaps self upside the head**

Helloooooooooo Susan! You have time, SLOW DOWN!!!!


I will figure it out ~ someday.


Time to play with the dog… I have been handed a slobbery tennis ball.

Remember what was I saying about other peoples schedules????

Never mind that part ~ appears I might have been wrong…


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