yes, I DO crack myself up…

Last day of June… and the weather acts like it is still only spring here.

I got really cold at work last night, so the critters were all allowed to sleep on the bed with me ~ PLUS I added the winter quilt to the summer one ~ the winter one wears a lovely flannel duvet…

Guess I should have made sure the windows were all closed downstairs though ~ (duh!) the heaters all kicked in around 2 a.m. ~


sorry mom, but you warmed the angels for a bit last night… :D

I am (Oh so very) slowly adjusting to the night time schedule. I get up with the dog at 5 a.m. for the morning constitutional (she insists, vigorously) and then I crawl back in to sleep until 9 or so. (okay, you got me… until 10!!!) I have my lovely iced coffee, then … sometimes I do things that I want to do.

I have decided that there is nothing I HAVE to do anymore. My entire life, I have had troubles with things that I HAVE to DO. I simply do not WANT to do them… and I won’t EVEN start on what happens in my head when someone actually has the cojones to tell me I have to do something. (GRRRRRRRR!!!)

Thus, the decision (yes, even at my advanced age) that I no longer have to do anything. There are many things I need to do to keep things moving along, but even those are now few and far between.

All in the attitude is it not?

Now, I just hope I can make the attitude change stick… guess I HAVE to work on that, eh?


yeah, I do crack myself up…



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