Happy Fourth Everyone!!

so this is like… the 53rd Fourth of July that I have lived through. I am home in Mansfield … gotta love the ability to schedule posts on Word Press… :D …

I dunno about anyone else that may be stumbling across this crazy bit of type ~ but I (for one) am really, really happy that I live in the good old U.S. of A.

Yeah, I know… things are not always roses and sunshine ~ I’ve done my fair share of starving to ya know.

But the whole thing is that we are much freer than most places. As long as a person isn’t a dick about things ~ we all get along just fine.

It is only when people begin to judge others that things seem to fall apart.

Yes… I walk a fine line most times with all the things that go on. But you know what?

I am not here to judge anyone, and neither should anyone else be.

This is what our country was built on ~ our rights to choose, who what where when and how WE are to be.

Ya know??? Am I making sense? HELLOOOOO!!!!

Is this thing on?


So… ranting done with, let me just say…


and happy birthday to the bestest country on the planet.


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