Mondays don’t happen!

Forgive me (insert favorite deity here) for I have sinned…

It is now 10(ten) days since my last post.

Or at least I think it is? Sheesh. I dunno for sure. The whole live theater gig makes for serious tiredness for the old lady here.


For at this very moment, I feel every bit of my age. Every little bit of PLANCK time there has been for me to go through…

Having COFFEE while I am on the computer is not a good thing. Someone says something funny, and I get to clean up my computer area from doing spit takes… or worse… I actually snort my coffee out my nose.

Now, I KNOW for a fact that not everyone in the world is a capable as I am at snorting coffee (and other liquids other than…er…um…uh… well… SNOT) out through my nose. Long time ago (seems like another life) this came to be known as NOSTRILIZATION. (thanks to Mr. Bruce Willis) Done in singles, doubles and triple force, they generally happen when one does not have the time (or sense) to finish ones drink before getting online…

Seriously, the whole Bruce Willis thing is true. Insane though it sounds. BW had a site with a chat ~ some excellent people used it, and though I was to poor to go, there were a few meet ups that included Bruno ~:-)!


THOSE were the good old days. ~:-)

Time for my supper (dinner?) and then a nap before going back to “work” tonight.

The date?

17 July 2011

The day?

I haven’t a clue.

that isn’t such a bad thing, because Mondays don’t happen!!

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