Preferably one I can sleep with…

Someone just informed me that it is Monday ~ weird. Doesn’t feel like Monday. SO!

Due to my lack of schedule, today is now Saturday.

Think about it. Change the beginning of your week to the “real” Saturday and I bet you a million marbles that it you would never have a bad Monday again…

Been only two weeks since I screwed up my ribs ~ I was thinking that it was a lot longer? I really got to stop swishing my life away by living six entire weeks in just two.

Really. No wonder I am so tired all the time, eh? wow.

Ribs are doing fine ~ can’t lift much, can’t breathe deeply, can’t push anything, can’t lift anything… oh wait. I already said that. Makes me NUTS to not be able to carry things…


I have water therapy in the morning, and then “land” therapy the day after the day after that. (That would be my Tuesday, and then Thursday in the life of a “normal” human…) I like the water part, I want to do it more often. The land part?

I don’t care for it… something about taping my knees so that my muscles learn to work properly again… I can feel that it will work, but I can also feel how awkward and weird I am while I try to adjust to having everything work properly… it feels ~ well… yeah. Awkward and weird.

And it HURTS when I take the tape off.

I want to get better though, so I must keep trying.

yes. Keep trying. just keep trying, trying, trying…

Channeling my inner Dory fish.

Suddenly I miss the BCoNW really bad.

I want to go home, desperately.


I need a hug.

And a minion.

Preferably one that I can sleep with.



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