I’ll take that Matilda

SO!!! This is Day TWO of a fourteen day haul to get the third and final show up and running ~ If I counted correctly, we do the equivalent of 15 shows in those 14 days.

Down to 14 shows in 13 days now…

Been a long one for me, and I started later than everyone else. My delusions that I could handle this were intact until two weeks ago, shattered by my “I’m a frakin’ weanie” trip to the ER ~ so now I just hang on and hope I make it. I said I’d do it, and by damn… I will.

Might be dead at the end, but I’ll do it.

(Shees. I am SUCH a drama queen!)

But… This morning I got to sleep in ~ that means the dog did not ask to go out at the crack of dawn like she would normally ~ I woke up anyways, wondering if she were dead…

Nope! She was just dead asleep. I’d put her in the kennel last night because I was terrible restless, and when I thrash her awake, she doesn’t go back to sleep ~ she wants to PLAY and PLAY NOW ~ I have learned to pretend that the slobbery tennis ball landing in my face (dang dog has wicked skills hitting the mark) is actually a kiss from Prince Charming ~


I decided that I would wake her up anyways, we stumbled out to pee, and then back in to sleep ~ her in the kennel, me where I normally am ~ (if you must know all my secrets, it is pippi longstocking style, and still sleepin’ single in a double bed…*sigh*)

That little action of self defense put into motion something that has not happened in a very long while ~ I was able to sleep until nearly noon. That is roughly six hours of extra snooze time.

Yes Matilda ~ every once in awhile the stars and planets align just right, the sun has no spots, the ducks are all in a row, the moon is blue, the paycheck pennies stretch far enough, and Charlie Sheen is sober…

And I wake up without still bein’ tired…

I’ll take that Matilda… I’ll take it.


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