Grumpy is being agreeable?

Woke up this morning to thunder ~ and it is still goin’ on out there, five or so hours later. Just read that the USFS is chasing smokes nearby.

Totally NOT surprised, there were some pretty big hits ~ fortunately the rain started with the second wave ~ I hope that puts things out. If it doesn’t, work is about to get a lot more interesting at the Hatchery site.

~:-) nothing that will be too bad, we’ve done it before.

I am channeling the 8th and 9th dwarfs again today.

What? Didn’t know there were nine dwarfs? HA! Disney couldn’t use them in the film, their names were Bitchy and Whiney ~ inappropriate for the younger audiences of the day. It isn’t too surprising they were so named is it? Because before Snow White came along, the ratio of 3.5 to 1 was a bit much to deal with.



Some good came out of the storm last night though ~ at one point I went to get up, and inadvertently did a full push up ~ used both left and right sides of my chest equally. The muscles had begun to feel odd at work last night, going up and down the risers ~ but this morning I heard/felt a popping noise, then a flash of pain went shooting across (sound familiar?) ~ but nothing hurts now. It has been achy and awful for over two weeks, and to have it stop is total bliss.

Whiney says that I am going to go to lift something in a bit and my arm will fall off, or the twins will droop even further than they already do…

Bitchy says that Whiney is being silly and to stop it and go have more coffee…


The dog stole my last pop tart, right off the plate. That will teach me to leave food unattended… I can’t just yell at her like I would a normal dog ~ I have to be right there when she does things I do not want her to do so she KNOWS she is in trouble. Otherwise, I am just waving into a void, looking like a freak…

Damn. I really wanted that pop tart.

Grumpy is agreeing with Bitchy now…

We are off to have more coffee.


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