And somewhere along the line…


Been a bit since I’ve been here ~ the summer has just FLOWN by!

The 28th of August was the very last day of the outdoor theater season here in L’town ~ I shall miss it, but I am glad that it finished up. I am tired beyond tired, and ready to go on with other things, well… now.

Don’t think I can explain it better than that. I miss everyone like crazy ~ and I would love to do things, or see people again and all that ~ but… I’m to tired to think straight.

This past week was totally for trying to switch my body clock back to some semblance of “normal” ~ Not going to well really. And if you top that with the crazy things we (doctor types and me) are trying to do to get myself back on track to simply function from day to day…

ugh. I spend 90% of my time in a fog. I see people, or things, and do not realize for a bit what I am looking at. I do not ignore stuff intentionally, I just… yeah. I am driving everyone away, and driving myself insane at the same time.


I am not home yet, nor will I be for more than a night at a time. I will be babysitting kitties here in L’town for the next two weeks, so I intend to use that time to get some things done that I put off all summer. Toss, sort, garage sale… all that good stuffs.

or bad stuffs, which ever I might be thinkin’ at the time! :)I have to be REALLY careful, or I am going to toss something that I ought not… I am in THAT kind of mood these days.

Lets see… I am babysitting the four legged hairy grandchildren ~ Annie, (pit, border collie and other miscellaneous ancestry) Pun-kitty (real name is pumpkin she is a domestic long hair) and Cinder (chiweenie ~ or in her case, a CHEW weenie… DAMN) for a bit ~ t3k is having a hard time coming up with the pet deposit for her apartment ~ Sassy isn’t doing well with the extra small doggie. She is jealous, and rightly so, the small dog takes a LOT of time and effort.

I only hope I am not warping the small dog, ya know? **sigh**

We (me is) are now up to date for most things. I spent the past 2.5 months working, I’m exhausted, and somewhere along the way there was summer ~ I think?

And now… hills have gone to sleep!

Until next year anyways.


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