Always, always turns…

October 1st, year twenty-eleven ~ or if you would rather, two thousand and eleven… I think it is quite weird how we tend to shorten everything… make acronyms out of a lot of things, and YES matilda, we did that long before there was anything remotely like texting.

So many things have gone awry in my life, I don’t even know where to begin to straighten them out.

Upside of some of the weird things goin’ on…

I have work at Christmas.

T2k has work beginning next week.

I get to move home this week… FINALLY!!!!!

T3k has started classes.

SIL’s work is expanding (knock on wood, send good juju).

Downsides of the good things…

work is in Leavenworth.

T2k needs a used camper/trailer/RV of some kind to live in, rents are beyond what she can pay.

T3k is still waiting for enough financial aid to be able to buy her ruddy books. (even in the public schools, the government seems to screw things up)


All things considered, we are not doing to badly.

Sadness though, at the passing of my much-loved other mother. She died at sunrise on Thursday morning ~ 29th of September. We spent the week at the CWH with her ~ I much appreciate the place, ever so much more than I did before.

I hadn’t seen her in a bit, and then BOOM. She’s gone. I will miss her pretty badly. **sigh** While I am sad, I am okay…Life goes apace whether or not we are ready for such things. ’tis the wheel of life that always, always turns.

Love you all so much~


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