maybe the road really will rise up?

another show is done… and now I am another year older, but it seems I am none the wiser.

Fact of life, eh? I pushed myself past easy recovery… I am way to old for this!!!

I love what I do though, so **shrug** guess I will at least die happy.


I am sitting here with bits of cardboard about my feet…I count myself fortunate that Sassy Blue has an affinity for cardboard and not leather ~ the brand new pair of ropers I left sitting on the bed are still intact.

Seems the Blue Dog had enough of me being gone, and decided to pay me back by shredding a couple (four… near as I can tell) boxes in her pique.

Oddly enough, she did not touch a thing that was IN the boxes ~ she literally chewed the boxes themselves down to the floor without touching the contents of said boxes ~ which is no mean feat when one does not have opposable thumbs… not obvious ones anyways.

Sassy really is an amazing dog ~ I can not imagine what she would be like if she could hear ~ it truly boggles the mind what this dog is capable of without her ears ~ !!!

Now, if I could just keep up with her ~ gotta get on that!


At some point over this “holiday” I have come to terms with what it is I want to do for myself ~ I am slowly coming to the realization that I really DO know what I want to do, and like most people in this world, I am not quite sure what path it is I want to take to get there, or if there IS a path to take, or if I should just start walking and see where it is I end up…

All paths lead to the end, right?


Heres’ to walking, and to the hope that maybe the road really will rise up to meet me…


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