copper plating

I was gone most of the afternoon yesterday… I left Sassy Blue home because I did not feel that I would have the time to get her out of the car to do her necessaries while I was in the city… which (of course) includes the clean up of the card board bits that are still working their way through her.

Yes, the Blue One is still pooping cardboard bits.

She shredded no less than FOUR boxes over the weekend, so kind of makes sense, right?


so… I’m gone. My mom, (bless her heart) takes the dog outdoors, but somehow, I do not think that the dog is as appreciative of this effort as I am.

I return here, to discover that she has destroy yet another cardboard box ~ only this time, it had a lid that she had to work off before she could get to the contents of the box ~ and in doing so, the contents went EVERYWHERE.

And that box was the fish tank supplies…

I will be replacing the food, the tubing, (all of it) the lid, the lamp and various other things that I could not identify at first glance…

okay, fine. now she knows that the boxes have lovely things to chew on…

so what does she do instead?

She set out to kill the paper shredder.

The poor thing didn’t have a chance…

It has gone to shredder heaven.

She ate enough of the power cord that there has to be some value for the copper…

I wonder where one could possibly recycle copper plated dog poop?


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