The logics in my head…

I have several (meaning more than two, but less than ten in my case) different bits of things that seem to war constantly in my head.

Some call them their voices, some call it consciences, some call it feelings…

I call them logics.

(wait… do I hear LAUGHTER?? Okay, I freely admit here that in my case, the use of this word could be possibly be considered a serious misnomer…
Stop laughing already!

Within my Logics, there are two dominant sub-logics ~

The first of the dominant(s) would be the Practical Logic.

This is where my thinking takes place. This is where the choices in my life are thought through, with careful consideration for all aspects of any given choice I am facing.

Here I put things in progression, in order, in a way that is easily understood. This is the Pragmatic Logic within the Practical Logic.

If things go in progression (yes, the big IF, the caveat to the whole Practical Logic) one gets to the “Practicable” Logic…(you know, the things that actually work?)

( follow so far?
yeah, I know it is kind of odd…)
(good luck :))

Here is where Practical Logics run into trouble. For here is where the second most dominant logic in my life takes over.

This would be my Heart Logic.

Or to put it better, the Logic of my Heart.

This is the one run solely by feelings. The Logic that is the quintessence of who I am, the Logic that is the core of my being. This one tends to overrule everything else. The one where I see how others feel, know their pain, see their doubts, their fears…

This would be Empathy part of the Heart ~ and here is where I run into trouble. Lots of trouble. Feelings are tricky things… none are wrong, none are totally right, and the line between the two is nonexsitent. And … dare I say it? Not always LOGICAL. This, combined the fact that each of us has their own view of the world ~

So what to do?

Learn, somehow to put the two together, and hope it all works out. Which is what I am still doing ~ and fortunately, time is on my side here ~ if I can just be patient.

Only then will life work out.


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