Meeeeeee Neither!

As you know (and now you do if you did not) I have pets.

More than some, fewer than most, they keep me company ~ and I wait on their every whim, thought and tail wag/flip.

(I dunno about anyone else, but sometimes I wonder exactly why I have pets…!)

The longer it is just me and them, the better trained I become in understanding what they are saying ~ sometimes, it is actually verbal ~ (for example; Old Cat complains loudly when she is unhappy with something) but more often than not, it is completely done by body language.

This morning the lesson was thus ~

Cat: (sitting primly by water dish) “FILL this thing would you?”

Me: (sitting with coffee cup, enjoying the morning) “It has water in it, drink that first”

Cat: (tail flip) “NO” (blink of eyes)

Cat: (continues to stare, without blinking)

Me: (staring back) Why not?

Cat: “Watch!” (goes and slaps the dog)

Dog: (goes and gets a drink)

The dog… I kid you not… takes the worst slobbery drink I have ever seen her do. She has always had the tendency to be in a hurry in all things, more often than not she doesn’t take the time to swallow the last slurp she takes from the bowl.

Today, I think she was just doing as ordered by the cat ~ dripping nastiness from her face, she looks at the cat, looks at me, then goes over to go back to sleep…

The cat goes back to her sitting by the water dish.

Cat: (blink)

Me: “WHAT?”

Me: (gears in my head whirling)

Cat: “come ON! It isn’t THAT hard to figure out!” (double blink)

Me: “OH!!!” (proverbial light bulb goes on)

You know, it really DOES make sense.

The liquid left in the dish was about 98% dog drool ~ And I know for a fact that I would not want to drink anything the dog had drooled in either.


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