I am slowly getting well. I have this cough that will not go away, and it is VERY annoying…I tell you what… it is worse than a man that can’t take NO for an answer!!!


The animals are getting to used to having me about, I am their litter mate and not the boss.


I have never BEEN the boss. :~P

This week, though I am three days behind, has been spent sorting through more stuff. Boxes of things that needed a “presort” to the “presort” before I can sort the stuff down into manageable piles of stuff.

I always get so… irritated with myself for having so much STUFF. STUFF and NONSENSE. STuff and FLUFf. STuff in my bedroom, stuff in my…

Okay, that is enough with the stuff. I just have WAY to much.

in the immortal words of George Carlin…

I soooo gotta get rid of my stuff!

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