and so april begins

It has been a long month ~ and for someone with nothing to do I seem to be busy beyond what the word “nothing” means in the American Heritage College Dictionary…


Be that as it may, life is as normal as it can be.

I still live with a deaf Blue Heeler dog ~ who challenges me nearly every day to the maximum amount of paitence that the PTB ever have given anyone.

She is liking this “only me and her” stuff…

Though it has taken her a bit of time to figure out that it is best just to sleep under my chair, because that it does not move first when I get up.

I still live with Little Cat ~ she and Sasquatch Blue dog are the best of friends now… they beat the tar
out of one another, come running to mom for a blame game, then go sleep on the couch together.

Old Cat? Well, she is beginning to slow down now. Sleeps all day on the end of my bed, plays a bit
when I get the flippy string out and then sleeps all night. There is a constant fur spot where she lays ~
no matter how much I vaccuum the spot, it never completely goes away. I am not worried, she is going on 13 now ~ she has earned her relaxation and idiosyncracies. :)

Two of the girls still live in Spokane, work is hard to come by, but I have faith in them.

One is off to college in Colorado in a month or so… I shall miss her terribly, but it is what she is meant
to do.


Me? Each day I learn a bit more about myself. My priorities are changing fast… hopefully I can keep
up with it all.

This bit of nonsense done, you can rest assured that life is just as nuts as it ever was.
oh… and I am out of coffee.

Definitely makes me melancholy.


have a fabulous day, and Go out and be excellent to one another!

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