I mean… REALLY??!!!??


I am still catching up on my sleep ~ I have tried to stay awake today in hopes that I will be able to fall into bed in a few hours and stay in the zombie state until early tomorrow morning ~ at which time I am going to Wenatchee with a friend of mine ~ I do so hope that she won’t mind a stop at Wally World to get me more coffee… :D

Lord forbid that I RUN out of COFFEE, right? This would so totally be the end world as we know it, and to make matters worse, this would all happen without the Lord returning for anyone at all…

Seriously ~ what if I were the cause of the end of the world!!??!!? The…literal end of everything? I hope that I would feel terribly guilty about the whole thing, and intercede with God on every ones’ behalf… and…I would… uh…

Okay, since WHEN have you known me to be serious about much of anything?

The world will end if I run out of coffee, and I am so not takin’ any of youse with me when it goes, so…so… there!

After all, you do NOT expect me to share my coffee do you? I mean… really??!!??


uh… no.


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