I guess it is for me…

Sometimes in this life, one must back up and take a look at where one is going ~ taking the time to truly (re) evaluate the wheres, the whys, the whosits, the whatsis and all that.

Have you EVER tried to do this??? It is sooooo not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Personally, I SUCK at it.

Yes, yes, I know… ME? Suck at anything??? Miz Perfect??? OH PUH-LEAZE…

LOL. (Yes, I think I am funny. what??? You don’t? ‘Tis okay, I shall laugh enough for both of us.)

Okay, FINE. I admit that I suck at stuff occasionally. Occasionally, I suck at everything. This is called “BEING HUMAN”.

Granted, there are occasions when I do not even remotely resemble anything human, but lets not go there for the sake of brevity, okay??? (thank you)

My point here is this… does one eventually arrive at what one wants? Or is it normal, like myself, to continue to always be looking, always be wondering, always be looking for ones’ nirvana?

HOW does one know that one has ARRIVED where one wants to be??

This girl would LOVE to know… :D

To confuse things even further ~ is it okay to just be happy where I AM? I have not stopped looking, searching, or in any way stopped wondering where I might be going, but I am happy right here, right now.

Is this normal?

hmmm…guess it is for me. Is it… just me?

again, this girl would love to know ~ and here’s **raises wine glass** to figuring it out.


Go out and be excellent to the world…


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