only trying at trying to try

Whoa~wow. been a long day of sleep, sleep, sleeeeep, plus a couple of cards and letters to go out in the post on Monday…I DO kind of remember how to write with a pen.

Grammar on the other hand, and spelling? Not so good at this anymore. And for as much as I read? That is BAAAAAD news.

A friend encouraged me to get a fifth grade level grammar book, and start over ~ I think he is right… I have GOT to start over. Put my grey matter back into use, ya know?

You know? ugh… got more to do than I thinks I does.

I have so much to do, and hard as I tried today, I only tried at trying to try. Wasn’t the kind of day that I really cared.

Tomorrow is another week, or the end of this one.

I’ll try again then.

be excellent to one another!


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