so… is it Friday…?

Been a long summer, fully loaded with things, much of it not of my own choosing, but still ~ full and fruitful.

Come back tomorrow, and I will tell you that it has not been so fruitful, but hey… today I feel positive. Sorta kinda anyways.

It is the pain meds talking, per usual. I look forward to the day when this s**t will not be necessary anymore!!

I DO have a different doctor, but won’t see this person until the FIFTH of October???!!!! SO… may change doctors yet again.

So many things to type about, and so little energy.

Seems the real problem these days, how to get stuff done before my body gives out on me. It is a serious set back when I push myself beyond my current capabilities ~ *sigh* you’d think I would learn, but NOOOOOOOOOOO. Not me. :P



This weekend I am canning at my moms’ house, I no longer seem to own a pressure cooker. I lost my lovely stainless steel one during the many (MANY) moves we’ve made over the years, so until I can afford a new one, the fun I have with my older sister and my mom more than makes up for the distance I travel to can my fall produce. The other upside to this is mom has cable television. heh… :D

Still trying to organize my thoughts and life ~ it is not as easy as it sounds. Just knowing that I will have time to think about getting myself well enough to possibly hold down a real job again is a blessing ~ though when I will know for sure is a shot in the dark, for the wheels of government grind very slowly. VERY, VERY slowly.

So… away to L’town for a weekend of canning, and then home for next week. Still have appointments and nonsense ~ and papers to fill out, and letters to write… all the usual stuff I put off.

but yes.

it is Friday.

have a fantastic weekend.


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