Especially the important stuff…


So. I have been up since 05:00 this morning, I called the out of state (OOS) daughter to help her get on the road to a doctors appointment in the “big” city ~ which is an hour away from her. She’d already been up to let her dogs out, but had crawled back into the rack BECAUSE she knew I was going to call…

‘Tis nice to be “needed” eh? We had a visit while she got ready, and we talked until her phone lost service in the tooley dingles between the big city and where she lives.

I actually kinda sorta like getting up this early ~ one, the world is quiet. Everything is still asleep, even the birds right now.

Speaking of birds, the last pair of swallows have now gone. The main herd left almost two weeks ago, after many days of joyous flying practice for the little ones ~ ‘my’ birds had their family late, but now… they are off for warmer (and buggier) climes.

Coffee is fabulous (like me) this morning…damn I’m good!!

Omg. **YAWN** (so much for coffee, eh? sheesh)

Dogs are back in bed, which is weird, for they went on their own. Perhaps I shall take my cue and crawl back in for a bit ~ full daylight is not for another hour at least.


Yes. This is a good idea.

A VERY good idea.

You know… As a general rule, we humans need to pay better attention to the animal world. After all, they have been around a lot longer than the collective us ~ they KNOW how to do stuff.

Especially the important stuff, like… sleep.


Go out and be excellent to one another today ~

And ~ yes.

I am going back to bed.

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