So… it is ONE day until Thanksgiving. For the first time in a very long time, I am going to stay home ~ here in the BCoNW.

I really am okay with this, I only have so much money for gas, and I owe my mom too much…

SO! I am staying.

I have worse things to worry about than missing my family on TurdkeyDay, ya know?

**sigh** Two of three of my girls are hurting. One should not be, and it makes me REALLY angry that she is ~ her spouse makes enough money, but … **sigh** eyah.

The other? She suffers from B.D.M (thank you @seanflanery ) ~ at least as I see it. BUT!! now that the decisions have been made, all we can do is move forward to the end… whatever THAT might be.

Feeling lonely, but glad I am by myself tonight, all I want to do is cry. Suddenly, I find myself hating the holidays… we are just so far apart, and I feel powerless, and hopeless.

Going to cry myself to sleep. Where’s Ellen when I really need her?

Oh right. Helping others. AS she should be. **sigh**

Go out, be excellent to one another.


Happy today. :D

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