Making the day

I have been a very bad girl ~ not writing at all. Seems I really should get off the pot if I ain’t gonna poop, right?


Speaking of POT. Marijuana is ‘legal’ in Washington State, you just can’t BUY the stuff legally.

Someone screwed THAT up good, eh? Read the fine print my friends ~ nice try Washington!

I’m tired more oft than not these days, and today, a nap was necessary.

SO!!! I decided to share my nap with the dogs. Not such a good idea (read: REALLY DUMB), because they ended up taking up the entire bed.

When I woke up I was quite literally hanging off the edge of the bed. The dogs noticed I had my eyes open and started their normal “play until mom gets up” ~ routine…

As I lay there, wishing I had put them in their kennels instead, a tail got to close to my face. (yes, they KNOW better) I reached up and yanked on the offending tail.

The dog attached said tail haughtily looked back over her right shoulder at me… turned her head back to the front, and farted in my general direction… which… was close enough to be classified as a nearly deadly assault. (death by dog fart. Book in that somewhere, eh?)


yeah, THAT made MY day.

How was yours?

I am now away to build supper/dinner of noodles and chicken.

Be excellent to one another.


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