Hug me anyways, I probably need it.

There are some days ~ so many more often than not in the current time of life ~ that I really have no creativity to share with the world.

While I am not sure why this is, these days just… are. I have had to accept them, just like I have learned to accept all the other things I find weird about myself.

As I have had to accept that I suffer from a disease that has no known orgin, and there is no “cure” of any kind in the medical arena.

As I have had to accept that I will be a sarcastic smart ass as long as there are fools in my world.

As I have had to accept that my ex will never forgive me due to reasons of his own.

As I have had to accept that my children are embarrassed by me, and that will not change until I am dead and have no interaction with them.

As I have had to accept that there are many things unfair in this world, and I can not change those things, for each person on this timeline with me has to make their own choices and do their own things…

And I have learned that I really need to keep my mouth shut about what I perceive as stupidity of the “theys” in my world, for that is part of their journey, not mine.

I have learned to accept my role as the most sincere smart ass on the planet…

so… yeah.

Life really does seem to be all about accepting the things I can not change, and taking the things I can change with a grain of salt because more oft than not, things do not stay changed…

(hmmm… something familiar about that bit right there… o.o)

At any rate… I know my creativity is at an ebb right now, therefor I stick to sarcasm and wittiness to make it through.

Hug me anyways, okay? I probably need it.


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