No wonder!

More often than not these days I lose track of time. Seldom do I know which day of the week it is, and though I generally know the date/month/year, even that is no longer really important.

Hence, calendars are in full use ~ most of the time. Mostly I have nothing going in a week, and there are a lot of blank pages being flipped.

While I am not positive I like this, it really has to be fine with me at some level, because I don’t need to do much that requires timing of any sort.

Which, with CFS, Fibroshyte-titus, and the wolf… that is okay. Some days I can barely get out of bed… some of that is depression, most of it is just plain old tiredness.

And aches that go deep within the joints of my person, they drain me of everything. Literally. Occasionally, even the will to live. **sigh**

So far, so good though, and by and large I am doing okay.

Walking with a stick now for balance… kinda sucks, but it helps a LOT, so… yeah.

ha! I’m a wreck. no wonder no one wants me.


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