it has been one of those days (for the millionth time)

Today is Friday. The second day of my stupid cold…

Eyah ~ my Springtime cold is upon me, and for once, it made it BEFORE Summer actually got here.

Been to the doctor ~ and I am pretty sure that I am going to switch doctors… I have what I need to last the next thirty days, and someone to turn to IF I happen to need some sort of medical attention ~

but as a whole, I am not happy with the dude I am seeing now. Hand me some pills and make me go away does NOT work for me. SO!! yeah.

Slept all day today ~ accomplished NOTHING at all. Now watching Netflix and considering early retirement. :)

Lots to talk about, lots to type, but I am not coherent enough to keep the thoughts straight, let alone getting them on here.

ever have one of those days?

Mine number in the millions now, I swear. :P

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