somewhere there must be a good title for this post, right?

Hump day of the second week of the sixth month of the year two thousand and thirteen.

Close enough anyways, right?

Losing track of time again, and as usual, I really do not care a whole lot. I have nowhere to be, no one to be responsible to, nothing.

While sometimes this kind of bothers me, most of the time I think it is really okay. I mean… why should I care right now? I have nothing to accomplish beyond my own goals, and not a single one of those is time oriented, so…

eyah. Nothing to worry for (or about) at this point in my life.

Feels kind of nice actually.

Today was only marred by the fact that whateveritis that ails me kicked up a fuss, and I had to stay close to home. Feeling better now, I am thinking that it may have been something I ate ~ I have NO clue which/what it would have been either. I have made a point of eating nothing out of the ordinary so this would not happen…

It is not working to very well. Good plan, but bad results. I’m frustrated and angry, and I feel as though I am lacking proper medical guidance… SO! This is where I guess I must begin. I must go out and find proper guidance ~ now to find someone who doesn’t stop at the first diagnosis, that will listen until I can figure out how to explain what is bothering me, and then HELP me do something about this shit so that I can (maybe please God?) somehow make my life a bit more bearable.

This constant pain shit is sooooo for the birds.

And to top the irritation of feeling so lousy this week, I went and forgot my walking stick at home. Sadly, I have discovered that it really does help my balance… I hate to depend on it, but right now I just do what I gots to do.

Wondering why that random thought is important? I walk to feel better, which translates to this: No stick, no walk, no feel better.

See? makes sense now, right?

oh shush you. ;-)

Time to make a list, check it twice, and prepare for my trip home in the morning. The trip back here on Saturday is to bring my houseplants down ~ then I will be able to do whatever I want for the summer, be it stay here, or go to Spokane, or go camping, or run away to a tropical island, never to return to the cold and …

ha!! Telling stories is my specialty. ;-)

Go out and be excellent to one another, and.. somewhere there must be a good title for this post, right?

right. :)

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