sleep sweet

Tis Friday night, and I am back in the hometown again. Went home home to get the last of the outdoor plants, and came back to L’town this afternoon ~ After a brief nap, ran over to Water Aerobics class, and now?

I am Ti-ARRED. (tired) My knees are telling me I did WAY too much… O.o. I think it is a good thing I have two days off ~ I’m afraid my old is showing tonight.

Other than the knees, the tiredness and soreness are manageable. I done did good to keep myself from getting too worn out this week, balancing the daily life, the extra exercise, and sleeping enough to make it all work out. ‘Tis is a good feeling ~ knowing that I can now be doing something to help my joints/body/brains stay together for just a little bit longer. Everything I do is going to make a little bit of a difference, and at this point, I will TAKE that little bit.

Most of my problem with the Fibroshititis/et al is the frustration of not being able to do what I used to do, with the ease I used to do it. NOTHING was hard for me to learn, nothing was out of my reach.

Now? Not so much. Everything is harder, and oft-times close to impossible for me to do. Ever so slowly I am learning how to cope with the weirdness ~ and I try not to worry about what I can’t do. Sadly, I STILL catch myself fussing about not keeping up and doing what everyone else is doing…

**sigh** One REALLY good thing about the Water Aerobics ~ my sister is going with me and bless her heart, she has been a wonder. All three nights she is always right there with a good word for me to help me keep going, keep a good attitude, and help me not to worry/fuss too much. :) I am so very fortunate to have her.

Now I am pooey tired, and I am noticing that the worst pain is all the old injuries done to my body years ago. Which is the LAST thing I expected, though (if I were to be honest) not really. I recall that my granny always said I’d pay for my recklessness, and now I find she is right.

ah well. choices made, water under the bridge, life goes on, and…

thankfully, I have muscle relaxers. :)


Well ~ it is time for bed now. Sleep sweet everyone.


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