see you tomorrow.

Monday is over ~ well, for me anyways. I made it to water exercise class ~ my fourth one. I went three days last week, and hope to make the same this week…

GO ME!!! heh…

I am happy to be in a place where:
1) there IS a pool (at home there is not) and 2) I am feeling good enough to go. Tonight I seem achier than I was all last week, but some of that is poor planning on my part. I didn’t get the right amount of everything in my system before I went to class.

As in… no hydration, not enough of the proper food, and no pain thingy so my nerve endings were not doing their little weirdity by the time class was over.

All a learning thing dontcha know. :)

I have my moms house to myself this week, I’m watching her kitty while she is away at the youth camp for her church. She volunteers for it every year ~ and the kids adore her, so this is a good thing. I get cable television, high-speed internet, grocery stores less than a mile from the house and I can play in her yard all week…so very much is good for me too. Not to mention the afore-mentioned water exercise class!!!

:D The rest of the week is okay, but then it goes kinda nuts over the first week of July. I finally put everything on a calendar here on my computer (did you KNOW such a thing existed in this here little piece of technology??) so that I could keep track. I see a fair bit of traveling in my future… :)

And now, tiredness of the bones is setting in ~ I am happy with it though, means I’ve done a good thing for me.

g’night moon ~

and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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