Rambling mess

Another rainy day… now that I am ready for bed (mentally anyways) it clears off and is really pretty outdoors…

Stupid weather… grrrrrr.

Decided that one more week of only three nights of Water Exercise class would be the better part of valor for meself, I woke up really tired this morning. Learning the whole “balance” thing is so hard ~ I have NO clue what I am doing, or why it is I can not naturally figure out how to operate without having to go a zillion miles per hour all the time, risking burnout and bodily failure… O.o!

I truly make myself grumpy when I can not figure things out too ~ I am so mean to myself! :P Really do need to stop doing the weird stuff like this to me… **sigh**

All the whinging aside now, I did not get very much done today, I spent most of my awake time picking up the detritus of trying to get my mother off to her church camp. It helped a lot when I finally was able to convinced her (well, almost) that I am going to be here anyways, so WHY does she have to have the house completely clean??? I am not the tidiest person in the world, so towels WILL get used, and dishes will get used, and the garbage will pile up, and… and… and…

Eyah, you get the idea. So WHY does my mom go crazy and clean the house before she is to leave?

I have NO idea. If I were going away, with the possibility of returning to an empty house, I think I’d clean up too ~ that way I don’t have to do it while recuperating from vacationing/working/whatever.

But to clean it spotless when “someone” is going to be here, along with “her” two cats and two dogs?


Love her dearly, but what a waste of energy ~ especially with ME staying home to mind the store.

heh… :D

Yes… I will be honest here. I am not a slob, but neither am I overly tidy. (don’t tell anyone else, okay?)

M’kay, this is a rambling mess, so I shall cut it short. I am waiting for a cord to connect my digital camera to this computer so just maybe there will be pictures on this here goofy blog…

we’ll see. I think it’d be fun!! :)

g’night moon!

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