Stuffed Demon Zombie Bears

Yesterday I made the trek home to Mansfield, reasons were two-fold ~ I have a few plants that need watering occasionally, and there are plans in the works for me to move to Spokane and I have got to get the paperwork for my move out started.

Oddly, the complex seemed pretty deserted last night. NO discernible human activity anywhere. Twas very creepy. But it was wonderfully dark, I could see tons of stars overhead, and a plane or two WAAAAY up there at 36,000 feet.

I am going about my business in my apartment, putting things away, trying to plan in my head how to go about this move thing. Which boxes to put in storage, what to try to incorporate into the household over there…

Completely distracted, I am walking through the place, carrying various objects ~ folded set of full size sheets, my riding boots, my glasses…

I turn the corner toward my linen closet, only to be confronted by my stuffed bear, which is walking ~ all on its own ~ down the hallway toward me.

The hallway is dark, I have passed the light switch already, the doors to both of the bedrooms have blown shut with the wind and MY BEAR IS WALKING DOWN THE HALLWAY AT ME.

Me: “SCREAM!!!”

Me: “DROP EVERYTHING FROM ARMS, PICK UP NEAREST OBJECT TO THROW AT THE BEAR. (Continue to yell at possessed bear, so it knows I am NOT afraid…)”

Me: “THROW OBJECT PICKED UP AT BEAR. (Six pack of double roll size toilet paper, because toilet paper is a VERY effective weapon in the fight against stuffed demon zombie bears dontcha know… o.O!!!)”

Me: “NAIL DEMON ZOMBIE BEAR WITH A DIRECT HIT!!! (continue to yell at top of voice power and vocal range)”

VICTORY!!! The Bear promptly dies from my well thought out attack…

In its place, there sits Smallish Dog (Jumba)~ whom ~ scared nearly to death by the toilet paper, is peeing himself and the carpet in massive quantities.


Damned Bear spent the night in a box (with another heavier box on top) and for some strange reason, Jumba didn’t want to sleep with me ~ he chose to sleep with the Blue Dog instead.

Silly boy.

Go out and be excellent to one another today ~ and stock up on toilet paper while doing so.

You never know what you might need it for.


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