Which is really sort of grown up, don’tcha think??

So, I am home currently, and this place, as much as I have learned to like it, will not be my home after the 3rd of August.

I am making the leap and moving closer to my girls. For a while, I get to be a city person…


T1k’s house is a ways out, so I shall have to get my country done there for the time being ~ the trade-off for being city is getting to see two of my girls on a regular basis, and seeing my grandson more often than I have been ~ this once every three months gig really really REALLY hasn’t been cuttin’ it for me.

I seriously have mixed feelings about moving, but my usefulness here in my much-loved BCoNW is pretty much finished, and I think it is time … but leaving a place that has been just mine is difficult. I have MY things, MY space, MY everything.

Something that had not really existed for me until I moved up here. So many things went sideways for so long, and while I am grateful to have been blessed that the girls and I had a roof over our heads ~ but not having anything of my own has been the biggest hurt in my life. It was very hard, going from being a complete loner to living communally…


Bad part of all this is that I saved allll the stuff thinking I would one day have enough to make a home for my girls and me…and as that was never in the cards, I now must figure out how to let go of all the excess, while still keeping enough to have the things I need for living my own life ~ because I am beyond certain that I will not be able to replace anything. Have to keep what I deem important now.

And fortunately, that list is smaller than it ever was. Still ~ I feel the need to be careful, and not leap without looking for a landing first.

At least this week I do.

Which is really sort of grown up, don’tcha think??


Go out and be excellent to one another today ~

And stay cool. Already 80° here at my house, and just now 9 a.m.



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