For a very long time now, I have known, but not been able to acknowledge that my socks do not like to be launderied. (heh…I made that word up)

I swear,  they purposely hide from me… under the covers on my bed is the big one, forcing me to make my bed to find them ~ yes, yes I know, the SCANDAL.

It is so bad that I found SIX pair and one rogue in my bed after only TWO WEEKS. And the pairs that I find in my shoes? OMG… they get in there and do all sorts of little nasty sock things and MULTIPLY.

**sigh** This week it reached proportions hereto unknown to me… I actually ran out of socks.

yes, it is true. Me, I, Sue, ran out of socks.

The damn things, they were EVERYWHERE.

My bed aside, the evil foot coverings were in the couch, in my chair, under my bed, in my *gasp* slippers…(???!!!)

In the dog kennels…(whats with that? it isn’t as if they smell, right?)

This is so out of hand, I must take control.

Rule with an iron hand, bring them to heel, stomp them out…




you guessed it.

I’m going barefoot until it actually snows.

go out and be excellent to one another, and to quote a now much respected star



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