May the force be with you… (I love Star Wars)

Slowly I am beginning to adapt to the life I have chosen here in the city ~ yes, I am well aware that there are going be days I do not like here, that I am going to chafe at the noises from the neighbors, the near constant drone of cars, the airplanes, the sirens…

I ask ~ to be dissatisfied with where one is in ones life and how the world around you might be affecting you ~ would this not be the signal to make a change, grow, get off the proverbial backside of ones posterior annex and DO something to change it all?

yes. Trust me on this one…It is.

Well… **sigh** regardless of what is going through your head right now, that right there is what I actually think. My biggest problem with it ~ I by nature, seem to be the most impatient person on the planet.


While it is trait within me that I do not necessarily care for, I figured out at an early age that I could use it for good ~ and as I got older, I got better and better at using my impatience ~ with a varying degrees of success/failure through the relative epoch that are my few plus years.

**sigh (again)**

Now, I face a different storyline. While I am still impatient, and have all these little quirky things within me still ~ there is nothing I can do in my own situation other than wait.

Here, (at least soonish) the thing I need to do is figure out what to do while I wait. I must ~ along with my long known knowledge that nothing is permanent ~ figure what it is I am going to do? Do I need to do anything? Everything? Some things?

To be totally honest, I have settled with my own life and the way I’ve learned (and will continue learning) to deal it. So… no. I don’t need to do much/anything at all really ~ except for the way in which I treat myself.

THAT my friends, is going to be the hard part. I cut no quarter for myself, and now I must. I’m afraid that might be a long road.

**sigh** think on it. Do you do things in a way that you don’t have to necessarily change a ton when you find out that your life has taken a major turn toward the unexpected? I (for one) would recommend that you do, it makes the whole process of learning patience a WHOLE FRAKIN LOT EASIER, and two?

One less thing to worry about. :) if/when you are confronted with sudden change.

And always remember ~ change in itself is not bad. what you do with the change is what makes the difference.

yes. Difference. Perhaps broken, but still good.

may the force be with you…

And say thanks~In all things, for everything.


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