(sorry mom ~ you love me anyways, right?)

**snortgagcoughWHEEEEEEZE** This cold thing has GOT to give up sometime, right?

I mean seriously. In facial tissues alone I have used up at least one acre board feet of timber just trying to be socially acceptable ~ and that with scant results. The rebound thing with the OTC antihistamine meds has been off the scale pooey, so I have stopped taking them altogether… the resultant drip is malicious. BUT!!! My doc has reassured me that I am on the downhill side of this pneumonia crud, and on the uphill walk (stumble in my case) to the good.

Doc. OOHH…yeah.

My new doc is just beginning his practice, fresh off of residency from what I can tell. His secondary specialty (read: the schtuff he is really interested in) is Sports Medicine ~ which stands me in good stead, with all the joint/mobility problems I am having, right? He is a good kid, and looks to totally be my minds’ stereotype of a sports nut.

**sigh** Not sure, but I think I am officially been demographic’ed. My new Doc is only a few years older than T1k.

yep! When a persons Doctor is two-thirds of that persons age, two things come to mind ~

One, if you are under 40 ~ you are in biiiig trouble. (eyah!!! youbad! dang!)

Two, if you are over 40, (as moi is) then it is a fair bet that your person (I) has (have) joined the some sort of older demographic.

**sigh** (sad acceptance here)

I do find myself wondering a lot these days how/when I reached the age I am ~ from those musings, I can share this ~ (yes, I have it all figured out…for tonight anyways)

My mind turned 21 the same day my body did. Then, my body kept aging and my mind stopped doing so. (see? easy!)

Additionally? Somewhere along the line my mind sort of stopped accepting the “norm” of aging, rejecting a most of it, but accepting other parts to became the mishmash of what it is now.

To sum up ~ I simply am one of those people that will never be grown up.

Sarcastic ’til my last breath, hung over on the day of my funeral.



(sorry mom ~ you love me anyways, right?)

go out and be excellent to one another… it makes the world easier for all of us to bear.


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