Grumpy Gus

Got up early this morning ~ had a doctors appt at 9 a.m. ~ fortunately for me, the young woman at the docs’ office called to be sure I actually wanted to come in today ~ O.o ~ otherwise I would have not made it out the door at all.

The weird was full force today ~ while out driving around in my car, I came close to getting hit multiple times. The almost daily occurrence of having a driver turn the wrong way toward me on a one way happened twice, and I had a stand-off with a wrong way driver in a parking lot.

It was kind of crazy `~ I had multiple cars behind ME, so she finally had to back off…SHE had a gun rack, so it was kinda “WHOA” for a few.

I followed this with a lot of people in a hurry to get on with their apparently busy days, bumping and jostling me about in the aisles of the stores. I actually had one “gentleman” (please hear sarcasm in your head as you read that) who was in such a hurry he slammed the back of my arm with his cart as he squeezed past my person on his way into a check out line…

Seriously dude, all you had to do was ASK to go first. And did you HAVE to cut in front of me with a FULL cart?? (I had two items)

No wonder there are memes’ about the people of Wal Mart. O.o

Now my elbow is hurting and it is making me a Grumpy Gus.


I am soooo done with this day ~ going taking my Grumpy self to have a de-grumpifying (made that word up!) drink in my living room, then I’m going crawl into bed and stay there until next week.


Until tomorrow…(maybe next week, see above) be waaaay more excellent to one another than all the people I saw today, okay? I’d appreciate it.



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