Coffee Denial Syndrome

well… pooey.

Who was it that said the road to hell is paved with good intentions? I’ve also heard throughout my years that the road to heaven is also paved with the same intentions, so…


More than my sleepy brain can think of this morning I guess. I’ve got my coffee, but so far, no good.

Would so very much suck if my allowed daily caffeine intake was no longer adequate to jump-start my higher level brain functions.



Okay, so much for my pre-coffee attempt at humor.

Been attempting to cut back on the coffee intake, the new Doc says that coffee is what “could” be causing my headaches. **SNORT**

Twas a grand experiment, yes it was.

Two weeks of CDS (Coffee Denial Syndrome) has taught me that while I can go fore go coffee without ill effects physically, the mere fact that I hadn’t anything to do to wake myself up in orderly fashion, took what little order I have in my life and caused my days to sink into UTTER CHAOS.

It was a frightening thing to live through. The higher functions of my brain tried to work before the lower functions were taken care of, the lower functions would scream in protest that the functions that used more RAM would take over before the lower string would be done working through the start-up…

I am here to tell you that it was AWFUL, I was discombopulated the entire two weeks.

In all honesty, I did not realize how much I depended on a routine to get myself going in the mornings ~ THAT is the scary part. I’ve pretty much done the same thing every morning since my college days when T1k (the first kid) was born ~ the established works well, I see no reason to change it up?!!!?

Now… I can hear people asking… “why did you change your whole routine??”

I have no answer to that. I really don’t. All I had to do was drop the coffee, substitute something else.

hey. higher brain functions don’t work without the routine, so there really wasn’t any thinking on my part.

Think ahead?

whatchu talkin’ ’bout??


Go out and be excellent to someone today… you never know when that someone might be suffering from CDS.


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