soap and cigarettes

I have a sad/funny/I dunno what the world is coming to story ~ judge for yourself.

I am in Walmart ~ the place that sells little to nothing American made, sweat shop clothing ~ land of cheap prices…(You know the place! :) )

I am standing in “the” aisle, literally feeling like I am drowning in beauty products, trying to choose which of the freakin’ gazillions to use. Me, being me…I end up with the one I always get, ya know?

In the aisle with me, there is another. A woman ~ I’ve known she is there for a while, well… because she smelled pretty bad. Okay, beyond bad.

I turned to leave ~ and we made brief eye contact, so I smiled at her as I always do with people who actually look at me, and…BOOM.

She launched into a huge diatribe, and proceeded to give me what for about the fact that they test the product I had chosen on animals.

I wasn’t sure what to do at first, mostly because it was so completely random and totally out of the blue ~ O.o ~

As I tend to not defend my actions to another, I let her rant ~ but finally, something she said made me go all…sarcastic. (What ME???)

I looked her square on and said “Perhaps you should volunteer to be used as a tester?”

She DIDN’T GET IT. Oblivious to the double hint, her ranting continued.

We covered the demons of the world, the fact that no one is safe from tampering, and how corporations are using us ~ (She was actually quite intelligent) on and on and on she went. (sigh)

Somewhere in the diatribe, she stated that she couldn’t afford the necessities of life. So … me, tired of the whole thing, I finally asked her if she would like me to buy her a bar of soap, and perhaps deodorant, or some shampoo.

Her response?

(and I quote)

“No, but you can buy me some cigarettes”

Right or wrong, I said no and walked away. I honestly did not know what else to do! To say anything else would have been unreasonably harsh, I did not want to run the risk of putting her further down than she already seemed to be.

Is there a moral to this story? I don’t really know.

When I remember her, I am a bit sad with myself for not trying to find out what her back story might be ~ that said, I also understand that I have limits that I must set and I am not meant to help everyone that enters my life, at least not in significant ways.

More often than not, a smile and a kind word does more than we can ever imagine.

Figuring out the balance is the tricky part, eh? Where exactly IS the balance?

The (read: My) world is no longer just a neighborhood or town, it is truly global world; which makes it even harder to figure out.

So ~ for now, I smile, shine with love for everyone, and be careful not take on the cares that are not meant for me.

How’s that for an ack-pooey answer?


anyone need a bar of soap?


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