where’s my coat??

This week is gone, and I’ve not really done much with it ~ been damned grumpy all week…figured out why last night about 9 p.m. PST.

I’ve caught a cold.

Caught it, BAH-HOOEY!!!

Someone threw the damn thing at me and I (like the idiot I can be) forgot to duck.


Took me a week to succumb, but I have and now all I really want to do is sit.

Oh yeah… that is all I do normally. :P

Woke up this morning to the realization that Sassy has a “her side of the bed” in our household ~ while I am not sure if this is a good thing, I find it funny either way. She missed me the night I stayed with my grandson, the result of which she has been sleeping as close to me as she possibly can ~ her head on my shoulder (read: IN my armpit). Jumba (AKA small dog) sleeps on the opposite side as always, curled up against my stomach.

Jumba tends to roll with me and if I turn over, he gets up and moves over too ~ taking a shortcut across my stomach. Then, the requisite three spins before he settles down to sleep. More often than not though, he sleeps curled up against Sassys’ stomach, so there is this little pyramid of dog at the bottom of my bed.

At any rate (sorry, natural tendency to ramble, and Nyquil makes it worse) woke up and both of them had crawled under the covers with me ~ odd occurence as Sassy is claustrophobic.

I lift my head out of the lovely ‘down alternative’ pillows (covered in soft WARM flannel) to discover that I’d not remembered to turn the heat up at all last night… there were icicles on the window sill, and Jack Frost had a lovely painting going on the glass.

I’m the only one home, so I had to get my self out of bed (the dogs stayed behind, the wussies) and flip the thermostat up.

Thank the powers that I live in an age where the mere turn of a dial makes my house all toasty.

Today is going to be a non-productive one, if I do not nip this cold in the beginning, I generally end up sick for weeks, if not months. NOT cool with Turkey Day on the horizon. :)

Go out and be excellent to one another.

I’m goin…

wait. what? Sassy says she has to go out.

Oh damn. I wonder where my heavy coat is…

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